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Monroe County CARES Act Allocation Plan

Allocation Plan for CARES Act funding to Monroe County per funding agreement Y2287 with the Florida Division of Emergency Management. The Allocation Plan is attached.  It includes funds for a Rent/Mortgage Assistance Program and a Business Assistance Grant Program and the applications/ information for these programs are also included.  

In March, Congress passed the CARES Act providing over $150 billion in direct federal assistance to states and eligible local governments due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In June 2020 Governor DeSantis announced that the $1.275 billion of the $3.747 billion reserved for direct assistance to eligible Florida local governments would be distributed to Florida counties having a population less than 500,000 through a funding agreement with the Division of Emergency Management (DEM.)

Pursuant to the CARES Act funding agreement between the County and DEM, the proposed Monroe County CARES Act Allocation Plan was developed. Key points:

  • The State is requiring that each County accepting CARES Act funds determine how they will use their CARES Act funding. The State has directed Counties to take into account the public safety and health expenses incurred local government entities within the County, specifically including municipalities and constitutional officers. 
  • In addition to covering expenses incurred by local government entities, Treasury guidance allows funds to be utilized for economic relief to residents and businesses.  
  • All programs and costs identified must strictly adhere to the CARES Act criteria and the US Treasury’s most recent guidance on allowable activities and costs, and the requirements in the Funding Agreement between DEM and Monroe County.  
  • The US Treasury advised that local governments receiving CARES Act funds will be audited and that costs deemed unallowable will be subject to recoupment by the US Treasury. 
  • Counties were further advised by the State that their state revenue sharing payments would be reduced by the amount of any costs deemed unallowable by the federal or state auditing entity. 
  • Monroe County’s current funding agreement with DEM is for the amount of an initial 25% advance payment of $3,250,835 (“Phase 1”).  Thus, the proposed allocation plan reflects that amount:
    •  Allocation toward the Public health/safety expenditures by Constitutionals $1,300,000
    •  Allocation toward the Public health/safety expenditures by County and Cities $680,000
    •  Allocation for Small Business Assistance Grants, up to $1,000,000
    •  Allocation for Residential Rent/Mortgage Assistance, up to $200,000, this is augmented with $638,000 in FHFC funding for rent/mortgage/utility assistance.

While Monroe County’s CARES Act total allocation from the State is projected to be $13,003,340, the current agreement makes no reference to the County’s full allocation amount. Per the terms and conditions of the executed agreement with the State, the remaining 75 percent of the County’s allocation ($9,752,505) will be available on a cost-reimbursement basis. A cost reimbursement-based process will require Monroe County to expend its own funds first, and then request and wait for reimbursement of the expenditures made.  

Looking ahead to the Phase 2 funding, we are hopeful that DEM will amend the cost-reimbursement requirement (but DEM is focusing on Phase 1 right now, and is not yet working on that.)  

There is also the possibility that future federal legislation may amend the regulations for CARES Act funds to allow them to apply toward revenue losses; anticipated changes may also extend the deadline date for the expenditure of all funds past December 30, 2020.

Monroe County Allocation Plan

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