T.S. Idalia

Joint Information Center

  • LAST UPDATED: Aug. 29, 11 a.m.
  • NEXT UPDATE: As Needed

The Monroe County Joint Information Center (JIC) uses information gathered during the county coordination call and includes emergency preparation activities from Monroe County, Florida Keys municipalities, National Weather Service - Key West, and community partners. 


Monroe County Emergency Management is coordinating with the National Weather Service – Key West to advise residents on specific details of Tropical Storm Idalia impacts to the Florida Keys. Monroe County and its partners activated the Monroe County Joint Information Center this afternoon, updates can be found at www.monroecountyem.com/jic.

“At this time, with the current forecast, we are encouraging residents to be smart. We plan to keep operations as normal as possible but please be safe if squalls are coming through,” said Monroe County Administrator Roman Gastesi. “The guiding principle is to be smart and be safe.”

  • Monroe County Government offices are open on Tuesday. 
  • Monroe County schools are continuing to monitor and will be open tomorrow, Tuesday.
  • Airports are open.
  • Garbage service will run as normal.
  • The National Park Service will close Bahia Honda and Ft. Zach tomorrow, Tuesday, to campers and visitors. 
  • Utilities are standing by to respond to any outages, if any. 

National Weather Service Key West Update

A Tropical Storm Warning remains in effect for the Dry Tortugas. A Tropical Storm Watch remains in effect for the Lower Florida Keys, from the west end of the 7 Mile Bridge through Key West.  

Occasional thundery squalls with strong tropical storm force wind gusts and poor visibility in heavy downpours. Some tree and utility line damage may occur, with unsecured lightweight outdoor items blown about. The highest threat for squalls over the Lower Keys and waters to the west today through Wednesday. A tornado or two cannot be ruled out, especially during this afternoon.

A Coastal Flood Warning is now in effect for the Lower Florida Keys, with a Coastal Flood Advisory now in effect for the Middle Florida Keys. 

Coastal flooding up to 2 feet above average high tide (ground level at the immediate coastline) along the ocean-facing side of the Lower and Middle Keys, with a few oceanside locations in Key West possibly reaching 2.5 feet above average high tide. Coastal flooding near 1 foot above average high tide is possible along the ocean-facing side of the Upper Keys. Coastal flooding is possible today and again Wednesday. 

Hurricane Idalia contains maximum sustained winds near 75 mph and is expected to move over the eastern Gulf of Mexico today well to the west of the Florida Keys, and reach the Gulf coast of Florida on Wednesday as an extremely dangerous major hurricane. 

Florida Keys residents and visitors should use caution today when driving due to windy and squally conditions. Plan for some coastal flooding with water levels to possibly reach 12 to 18 inches higher than what was reached during Monday’s high tide.

Please note:

The County does NOT supply sandbags to residents. With our type of flooding issues, sandbags have proven to be insufficient in the past.

Monroe County Emergency Management is at a level 3: heightened monitoring.

“This storm has the potential to be very dangerous to our neighbors to the north, so we are thinking about them,” said Monroe County Mayor Craig Cates. “This season might be pretty active, so we should take this opportunity to practice and be prepared.” 

For tourism, visit www.fla-keys.com. To get emergency information about the storm, sign up for Alert!Monroe at www.monroecountyem.com.

City of Key West Updates

In advance of possible localized flooding from Tropical Storm Idalia, the City of Key West is adjusting bus service in the community on Tuesday and Wednesday August 29-30.  The Lower Keys Shuttle, Workforce Express, and the Key West Rides transit service will modify its service to avoid streets that typically flood. Since the Duval Loop route mainly encompasses areas that are subject to flooding, all service will be suspended.

The modifications are as listed: 

Lower Keys Shuttle Normal Hours 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.  Detours – (Inbound into Key West) Normal route until you reach Palm Ave.  The bus will instead continue on North Roosevelt Blvd. to Truman Ave. making a right onto Simonton St., then making a left onto Caroline St. resuming the normal route. 

Work Force Express – Normal Hours 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., then 3:40 pm to 8:30 pm. (Inbound into Key West) Normal route until you are northbound on Whitehead St.  Instead of entering Bahama Village at Petronia Street, the bus will make a right turn on Angela Street then making a right turn onto Simonton St proceeding to Truman Ave and making a left turn to resume the normal route.

Key West Rides – Normal Hours 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Normal service; however, pick-up and drop-off stops will be adjusted to avoid flooded streets.


The City of Key West is in a heightened state of monitoring as we remain under a tropical storm watch.  Tropical Storm Idalia may further disrupt normal transit bus service operations. For more bus information, visit the City of Key West website at Key West Department of Transportation (KWDoT) | Key West, FL (cityofkeywest-fl.gov) or www.kwtransit.com.


The airport is open.

Government Office Closures

  • None announced at this time.

Bus Services

Key West Transit

  • See City of Key West update above


  • Normal operations at this time

Evacuation Order

  • There are no evacuation orders in place for residents or visitors.

Garbage Service

Regular service at this time.

  • Lower Keys – Waste Management of Florida (Stock Island to 7-Mile Bridge) 305-296-8297
  • Middle Keys – Marathon Garbage Service (7-Mile Bridge to MM73) 305-743-5165
  • Upper Keys – Keys Sanitary Service (MM 91 – MM 102) 305-451-2025

Hospitals and Trauma Star


At this time there have been no announcements of closures.

Monroe County School District

Any changes can be found on the school board's website and social media. 

College of the Florida Keys

Normal operations

Shelter Locations

At this time there have been no announcements on shelter openings. 

State Parks

Bahia Honda campground is open.

Re-entry Stickers

More information: www.monroecountyem.com/reentrystickers.