Tier System

Tier Designations

In 2005-2006, Monroe County designated parcels into a tier system to assist with allocating/awarding permits to appropriate areas/properties from an environmental and planning perspective. Generally, the tier designations are:

  • Tier I - Environmentally sensitive land
  • Tier II - Transition or sprawl reduction area on Big Pine Key or No Name Key
  • Tier III - Infill area, not nearly as environmentally sensitive (lots that are 50 percent or more developed) platted subdivisions with adequate infrastructure
  • Tier IIIA - Special protection areas (no IIIAs on Big Pine Key or No Name Key), the intent is for the areas that do not fit into Tier I or Tier III to be placed in IIIA (e.g., the environmentally sensitive areas that were split by roads, were invaded with exotic plants or trees, or included some types of vesting)

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