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For our September 2019 newsletter, we featured an article written by our Environmental Horticulture Agent, Michelle Leonard-Mularz, Herbicide Damage to Woody Plants:

Herbicide damaged buttonwood. photo credit Michelle Leonard-Mularz"What is killing my trees? This has been a common thread of some calls our office, and other departments within the County, have received recently. Distorted growth, severe stunting, and shoot proliferation have all been reported on mature Gumbo Limbo’s and Buttonwoods. Initially, the problem appears to be Witches Broom, though these cases are far worse than normally encountered. Witches broom is an unusually dense and compact cluster of growth within individual shoots, and can be caused by a number of factors including mites, viruses, nematodes, or insects. Typically, it is more of an aesthetic problem and does not cause death to plants; nor is it widespread throughout a landscape..."

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