Affordable Housing

One of the most challenging issues that faces Monroe County is the lack of affordable/workforce housing. This problem is due to the quadruple impact of high land values, land limited by geographic and environmental features, a tourism economy with a prevalence of lower-paying, service-sector employment, and a housing supply limited by the controlled Rate of Growth Ordinance (ROGO). 

The state limits growth in Monroe County because the island chain has been designated an Area of Critical State Concern and is required to be able to evacuate its population in 24 hours for an approaching hurricane.

When the County Commissioners adopted the new Comprehensive Plan in 2016, it took a proactive step by making all of the County’s approximately 700 remaining affordable allocation units in unincorporated Monroe County available immediately – instead of those units being spread out for distribution over years as is the case with market-rate units.

Land owned by Monroe County and Monroe County Land Authority Appropriate for Affordable Housing