Joe London Training Academy

People training to become firefighters at Joe London Fire Rescue Training Academy LR-4

Joe London Fire Training Academy

Monroe County owns and operates the Joe London Fire Training Academy, located on Crawl Key in the Middle Keys. It is one of only 43 certified firefighting training centers in Florida. 

The facility is named after Joe London, the County’s Fire Marshal from 1984 to 2003. 

Classroom Training Facility

23 Chief James Callahan and Roman Gastesi at Ribbon cutting of new Joe London Training Facility on C

Fire Chief James Callahan (left) and Monroe County Administrator Roman Gastesi at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new classroom building. 

Construction was completed in 2017 on the training facility’s new $1.96 million, 5,000-square foot classroom facility for educating and training firefighters.

“I feel very proud of it, and I feel very proud of the men and women we’ve hired and trained," Monroe County Fire Rescue Chief James Callahan said.

The training academy includes a training tower and burn building. Training includes basic and advanced level training up to and including certifying individuals to be state-certified firefighters. The academy also offers medical training for EMTs and paramedics.

The academy hosts a variety of courses throughout the year that are designed for Monroe County Fire Rescue firefighters, local volunteer firefighters, and members of the Keys municipal fire departments.

The new concrete building includes LED energy-efficient lighting, a two-bay garage, men's and women's showers, an office and a classroom. The classroom training used to be conducted out of a doublewide officer trailer with a leaky roof and no hot water.

All required ISO (Insurance Service Office) facility training is conducted at the facility. It includes 18 hours of facility training, live-fire training, vehicle extrication training, and ground ladder training. Using the facility’s drill tower, firefighters drag hoses and flow water with heat and smoked out conditions. Search and rescue drills are conducted in blacked-out conditions. Training also includes practicing ventilation techniques whether it be vertical, hydraulic, or positive and negative pressure.

It was funded with the County's one-cent infrastructure tax.

“All of this gives us the ability to practice under a controlled environment so that we can perform safely in the real world,” said Charlie Mather, Monroe County Fire Rescue’s Training Chief.

Hot Shots Training Program for Locals

The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners approved a Monroe County Fire Rescue program that provides free firefighting and first responder training for qualified Monroe County residents in exchange for a commitment to work or volunteer as a firefighter anywhere in the Florida Keys. For more information, click here.

The Hot Shots lay down on the ground and do warm-ups in rows during training.

Firefighting Courses

The academy hosts a variety of courses throughout the year specifically designed for our career employees, volunteers and members of local municipalities. These courses include:

  • FFP 1302 Apparatus Operations - 40 hours
  • FFP 1301 Fire Service Hydraulics - 40 hours
  • First Responder - 40 hours
  • FSFC 109 Firefighter I - 235 hours
  • FSFC 703 Aerial Operations - 40 hours
  • FSFC 906 Firefighter II - 235 hours
  • FSFC 3530 Live Fire Training Instructor - 40 hours
  • PD 3328 Emergency Vehicle Operator - 16 hours
  • RN 3842 Live Fire Training Instructor Refresher - 8 hours

Fire Officer I

  • FFP 1505 Fire Prevention Practices - 40 hours
  • FFP 1540 Private Fire Protection Systems - 40 hours
  • FFP 1740 Fire Service Course Delivery - 40 hours
  • FFP 1810 Firefighting Tactics I - 40 hours
  • FFP 2120 Building Construction - 40 hours
  • FFP 2720 Company Officer Leadership - 40 hours
  • FFP I-200 Basic Incident Management - 16 hours
  • FFP I-300 Intermediate Incident Management - 16 hours

Fire Officer II

  • FFP 1793 Fire and Life Safety Educator I - 40 hours
  • FFP 2111 Fire Chemistry - 40 hours
  • FFP 2610 Origin and Cause - 40 hours
  • FFP 2706 Public Information Officer - 40 hours
  • FFP 2741 Fire Service Course Design - 40 hours
  • FFP 2770 Legal and Ethical Issues for Fire Service - 40 hours
  • FFP 2780 Fire Department Administration - 40 hours

Additional Information

Email the Battalion Chief of Training or call 305-289-6004 for further information.