What type of salary can I expect to receive?
Each position is posted and advertised at its full range of pay - base entry to maximum level. If the applicant exceeds the minimum qualifications for the position, the department may provide justification and recommend to hire above the minimum entry level for the position, which is also dependent on budget restraints. Salary and benefits combinations are very competitive throughout Monroe County and with private sector positions.

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1. How long will I have to wait for an interview?
2. What type of salary can I expect to receive?
3. What are the work hours for positions?
4. Does the County have any volunteer positions?
5. Once I complete and submit my application to the Human Resources Office, do I need to complete and application each time I wish to apply for another position?
6. What are the steps I need to take once I decide to retire?
7. How long are positions posted In-House