Trauma Star Fleet

Photo of Trauma Star air ambulance at Marathon hangar during sunset

Trauma Star became is the only air ambulance service in Monroe County with two bases for transports in Key West at the Lower Keys Medical Center and at the Florida Keys Marathon International Airport. Trauma Star is a joint effort of Monroe County Fire Rescue and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

In 2017, the BOCC approved the purchase of a second Sikorsky S76C+ helicopter. The twin-engine Sikorskys cruise at 150 knots, making them the fastest rotorcraft in the Florida Keys. 

The Trauma Star helicopter is fully configured to carry two critical patients, and the Trauma Star program has been recognized by the State of Florida and the FAA as professional and fully compliant with all regulatory standards.

In 2018, Monroe County purchased a third helicopter from Switzerland. It will be used as a backup when the other helicopters are undergoing routine maintenance. The helicopter cost $1.2 million, plus additional legal and transport fees. Insurance proceeds from another Trauma Star helicopter provided $925,000 toward the purchase. 

The third helicopter is scheduled to go into service in the next few months.

Inside Trauma Star

Trauma Star helicopters are configured with state-of-the-art medical equipment to allow the experienced and highly-skilled air medical team to provide care for the patient.

The helicopters feature:

  • A rotatable stretcher system that allows for rapid loading and unloading, which can quickly be configured for two patients if necessary.
  • Patient care area with seating for medical attendants and storage cabinets for necessary medical equipment and supplies.
  • Medical supplies and equipment to perform advanced life support, including oxygen supply system, IV warmer, suction systems, patient monitoring devices, ventilator and infusion systems, and blood for inflight blood transfusions.