County Attorney

County Attorney's Office with some people sitting and some people standing

The County Attorney’s Office represents the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) and its staff in all civil and administrative matters relating to the discharge of their official duties.

Duties of the County Attorney's Office

The office consists of the County Attorney and nine Assistant County Attorneys. Their duties include:

  • Approve all contracts, bonds, and written instruments for legal sufficiency
  • Draft and review ordinances and resolutions
  • Prosecute and defend all lawsuits brought by and against the county
  • Render legal opinions upon request to the Board of County Commissioners, the County’s five Constitutional Officers, the County Administrator and staff, and County Advisory Boards
  • Represent the County at administrative hearings
  • Represent the County Canvassing Board during federal, state, and countywide elections

Duties of the Administrative Staff

  • Review of all BOCC approved agenda items
  • Research and provide prompt responses to public records requests
  • Serves as the County’s Records Management Liaison Officer for the County

The County Attorney’s Office is prohibited from providing legal advice to members of the community or otherwise representing private clients.

Risk Management

The County’s Risk Management functions are administered by the County Attorney’s Office, which manages, assesses, and defends liability and tort claims made against the County. Risk Management analyzes sources of potential liability and works to eliminate and/or reduce the County’s exposure to claims and monitors insurance carrier counsel’s defense of such claims and manages the associated costs. Risk staff reviews every contract to ensure the County has proper insurance coverage in its agreements and for its projects. The team also works with members of the public to assist in resolving legitimate accident claims involving County property, operations, or employees.

Public Records Requests

The County Attorney’s Office is the Custodian of Public Records for the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners. 

Publications & Presentations

Derek V. Howard, Esq., Monroe County Assistant Attorney

Peter H. Morris, Monroe County Assistant Attorney

Cynthia Hall, Monroe County Sr. Assistant Attorney

Florida Commission on Ethics Workshop