Risk Management


The County’s Risk Management functions are administered by the County Attorney’s Office. The office manages, assesses, and defends liability and tort claims made against the County. The team analyzes sources of potential liability and works to eliminate and/or reduce the County’s exposure to claims. The team monitors the insurance carrier counsel’s defense of such claims and manages the associated costs. Risk staff reviews every contract to ensure the County has proper insurance coverage in its agreements and for its projects. The team also works with members of the public to assist in resolving legitimate accident claims involving County property, operations, or employees.

The department also:

  • Acts upon accident reports
  • Handles any insurance payments as assigned
  • Ensures all employees while on county property and/or utilizing county property, such as heavy equipment, vehicles, and machinery
  • Investigates all accidents
  • Maintains a contract database

Report an Incident

To report an incident, submit a completed Incident Report Form to Risk Management as soon as possible.

Mission Statement

Risk Management aspires to be a cost-effective, impactful, and transparent operation within the Office of the County Attorney. Risk Management creates and implements decisions to avoid hazardous risks to citizens and employees. We also strive to minimize the adverse effects of any accidental losses to the County. We will serve the County as a highly valued strategic resource providing innovation, high-quality service, and cost-efficient tools for appropriately balancing risk and opportunity.