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County Attorney

  1. Less Than Fee Application

    This application is for people who are interested in participating in Monroe County's Less Than Fee Program to purchase development... More…

  1. Vehicle Usage Report

Emergency Management

  1. Pet Owner Shelter Application

    Residents living in Monroe County qualified areas must pre-register their pets.

Fire Rescue

  1. Fire and Life Safety Inspection Request

    Please fill out the form below to request a Fire and Life Safety inspection for your Vacation Rental, or Commercial Property (includes... More…

  2. Property Emergency Contact Information Request

    This is a request to have the Monroe County Fire Department update/add Emergency Contact information and other pertinent property... More…

  1. Monroe County Fire Rescue Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Monroe County Fire Rescue wants to provide the public with the best services possible. Please help us improve our performance by... More…


  1. Fleet Surplus Property

    Please fill this form out to complete a surplus item bid.

Flood Maps

  1. RLAA Public Comments on Plan

    This form is generated to send comments to the RLAA consultant regarding your property in regards to the RLAA plan.

Marine Resources

  1. Key West Pump-out Registration Form

    Vessel owner registration for mobile pumpout services provided by the City of Key West.

  1. Upper Keys Pump-out Registration Form

    Vessel owner registration for temporary Upper Keys mobile pumpout services provided by On The Hook Marine Services.


  1. Homeowner Voluntary Interest Survey and Sign Up Form

    The County is working with various grant programs, including Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to identify opportunities to... More…

  2. RLAA - Public Input Questionnaire
  1. Repetitive Loss Area Data Correction Form

Voluntary Interest Survey

  1. Monroe County Voluntary Home Buyout Program Registration and Voluntary Acknowledgement Form

    The State of Florida has allocated $15 Million to Monroe County through the CDBG-DR Voluntary Home Buyout Program. The goal of the... More…