Application Process & Estimated Timelines

To assist applicants and the public, the Department is developing and posting flow charts outlining the general steps for the submittal, review and processing of applications, including estimates of the timeframe to complete the process.

To submit an application to the Planning and Environmental Resources Department, please review and select the appropriate application, available on the Department’s Forms and Applications page.

For a list of the Department’s fees and services, view the fee schedule.

**Flow charts are under development- please check back later for updates

Administrative & Planning Commission Variances

Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code Amendment Application

Conditional Uses


  • Environmental Resources Application Process***
  • Dock Length Special Exception Application Process***

Map Amendments

Transfer of TDR/TRE/NROGO Exemptions

Vacation Rentals

  • Initial Special Vacation Rental Process***
  • Renewal of Special Vacation Rental Process***
  • Special Vacation Rental Manager License Process***
  • Exemption from Vacation Rental Permit Process***
  • Change of Vacation Rental Manager Process***

Various Other Application Processes

  • Alcoholic Beverage Use Permit Process***
  • Development Agreement Process***
  • Historic Regular Certificate of Appropriateness Process***
  • Historic Special Certificate of Appropriateness Process***
  • Home Occupational Process***
  • Lot Line Adjustment Process***
  • Public Assembly Process***
  • Right of Way Abandonment Process***