Special Vacation Rental Program


A Special Vacation Rental means a dwelling unit that is rented, leased, or assigned for tenancies of less than 28 days duration.

Overview of Vacation Rental Codes

Does your zoning and/or land use district allow vacation rentals? If your home is located in an Improved Subdivision (IS), Urban Residential Mobile Home (URM), or IS-M (Improved Subdivision Masonry) land use district, it is unlawful to rent or use a home as a short-term (less than 28 days) rental.

Vacation Rentals may be allowed in the following Land Use Districts and require a Special Vacation Rental Permit: SR (Suburban Residential), MU (Mixed Use), UR (Urban Residential), IS-V (Improved Subdivision Vacation Rental), OS (Offshore Islands).

Does your advertising comply with the county codes? All advertising should reflect a 28-day minimum stay requirement and monthly rates for rental or lease. All rentals should be for 28+ consecutive days and to the same tenant. It is unlawful for any landlord, tenant, agent, or other representatives to rent, lease, advertise or offer for rent any dwelling unit for vacation rental use in any district where vacation rental use (less than 28 days) is prohibited.

Do you have a business tax license? All rentals (long-term and short-term, where allowed) require a business tax license.

Location Restrictions/Maps

Refer to these to understand any area restrictions. The maps generally (verification is needed) show where vacation rentals are prohibited, where they may be permitted with an annual permit, and where they may only be permitted with an annual permit in a gated community with controlled access and an approved association that regulates and manages the rentals. (Please note this file is large due to the digital content, so it will take a moment depending on your PC/Internet resources to download).

If in an allowed zoning/location, there are two requirements for Special Vacation Rental Use

1. An Annual Permit: In Monroe County, an owner or agent is required to obtain an annual special vacation rental permit from the Planning & Environmental Resources Department for each dwelling unit prior to renting any dwelling unit as a vacation rental unless an exemption to the vacation rental permit has been issued for the property as provided in Section 134-1(b) of the Monroe County Code.

  • Initial Special Vacation Rental Permit Application Fee: $490. This application and fee are for initial applications only, not renewals.
  • Renewal of Special Vacation Rental Application Fee: $100. This application and fee are for renewals only.
  • Both Initial and Renewal Permits require a Fire and Life Safety Inspection by the Fire Marshal’s office. (Note that fees will be charged beginning October 1, 2021.)
1 Bedroom Inspection Fee
2-3 Bedroom Inspection Fee$200
4 + Bedroom Inspection Fee$300
Re-inspection fees will be applied after the third inspectionBase + $50

All Fire and Life Safety Inspection Requests must be made through the following link: http://www.monroecounty-fl.gov/FormCenter/Fire-Rescue-21/Vacation-Rental-Inspection-Request-75

A special vacation rental permit is nontransferable between owners. A change of ownership of the vacation rental unit shall require the new owner or his agent to obtain a new vacation rental permit for the residential dwelling unit.

2. A Manager License: All vacation rental units shall have a vacation rental manager, who has been issued a special vacation rental manager license by the Planning & Environmental Resources Department.

  • Special Vacation Rental Manager Application Fee: $110.

Code Requirements

It is important to review the Land Development Code requirements and comply with all requirements to avoid code compliance action. The adopted requirements are in place to foster and preserve public health, safety, comfort and welfare, and to aid in the harmonious and orderly development of the unincorporated areas of the county.

To Report a Violation

Vacation Rental Applications

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